Friday, 2 March 2012

365/62 Comfort

I generally know the prompt for the day ahead of the girls leaving for school, so JB at least offers her unique interpretation ... today she told me how comfy her new boots have become and despite feeling a little unsure of the style at first she really has grown into them and looks so comfy in her own skin these days..

I washed our sitting room fleeces today so they were prominent in my 'comfort' mind today. I think lots of people who have leather sofas employ the old faithful fleece when the days have added a chill to the leather...the first ones I had were chenille and left fluff all over the room, I soon learnt!  Kate let me take this pic of her cuddled up in front of the fire at teatime.  She's not home many evenings these days as she spends lots of time with her little chap, all loved up eh!

Life in the office is as comfy as we could hope, new Outlook, Office and Act are not too tortuous, especially on a Friday... but it was nice to end the week, come indoors, get changed into leggings and the extra pair of fleecy socks.. comfy! And a day scrapbooking with pals tomorrow, all kinds of everything make for a comfy life..which all to often we don't fully appreciate .. x


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)