Monday, 12 March 2012

365/72 Garden.

... oh how I wish I could offer some great pics of what's going on out there.. but despite the day being misty followed by glorious and back to damp misty again by 4pm, it is now too late to take an y pics of the new decking space Col and Ross had started yesterday, around the oil tanks.. yes, just where I had in mind to plant the bamboo..(just where Col had suggested.. once.. before he decided that we needed a platform to stand near the tanks and protect Ross' plumbing for his cabin)

Hey ho, no worries, I wasn't too committed anyway..

...and as for today, the phones were kind and this afternoon I got to spend a couple of hours with the youngest g'child who just turned One and has suddenly adopted a whole new proper person sounds, holds herself not so much like a babe and keen to see, do and taste could say that 'everything in the garden is rosy'!!


  1. Glad you got to spend some precious time with the little one!

  2. Love the look of concentration on her face. Oh to be one again :)

    Glad the phones were kind to you. Jen x


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