Saturday, 17 March 2012

365/77 Music.

Great day today, a few hours in town, on my ownsome and that doesn't happen I took time to go spend a voucher in my favourite Crafty Corner dating back to my birthday last September! Oh I enjoyed that... a Cuttlebug folder I have admired in Linda's collection, some adhesive ribbon, paper, alphas (of course!) and some cards and Easter stuff to enjoy with our babe when she is over to sleep!

Hair cut next ( well, roots to be fair) and then bumped into Ross and his pal so we coffee-ed and caught up, then a food shop. Col had been busy too, prepping the mower to last another year and the sun was getting low in the sky when we decided to make a dash for a wander on the beach near the Mount ... followed of course by Domino's , well it is no-cook on a Saturday if I can wangle it so it was the perfect end to a pretty much me-day!.. and it's not even 'my' day til tomorrow!

Thinking about the prompt on the beach walk, I thought I would improvise a little and use a song title , that is music isn't it...

'Me and My Shadow....'


  1. What a clever idea. I've loved looking at the coast photos today. I should live by the sea!

  2. What a lovely day, good to have me time every now and then, especially when unexpected. x

  3. What a cracking shot. That is a lovely way to end the day :)
    We have 'something-on-toast' day every other sunday, lazy things that we are :) As it is Mothering Sunday we have bought a meal deal from work which we know will be pretty bad, but at least we don't have to cook ;)

  4. Great idea and fantastic shot !

  5. That's a great shot you have there of the shadows on the beach.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Nice to have a bit of support in blogworld. xx


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