Tuesday, 27 March 2012

365/87 Dinner time :Here comes summer!

..so we had thick jumpers and the men wore hats, but there were burgers, buns and onions and we ate outside.. lovely!

Add to that we heard we have a mooring for our boat this summer. and the light evenings have heralded summer almost immediately.. oh and Pops has spotted cherry blossom in our garden... xxx


  1. Sounds like a great idea, must get ours out and dust it down. x

  2. What a lovely dinner time !

  3. What fun- it was definately the weather for it today.

  4. Perfect dinner-time. You have alluded to your lovely back garden a couple of times and whilst I was coming back from our meeting in Londoninium today I was admiring the sunset and wondered if some of my cornish friends as well as my devonian friends were barbecueing or at least eating outdoors?
    Well you were....kudos....applause.
    Love west country folk that eat with their hats on :)


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