Friday, 9 March 2012

365/69 Fuzzy

.. no wonder my Colin suffers so much when he arrives home after a week out on calls.. it was a busy day today brain-wise.. lots to catch up on with the new email and office processing docs, Ross had done well standing in for us, keeing emails and phones at bay, but it is hard to be keen after even only two days away...even just being the passenger!

This evening I cooked a proper tea, with veg and stuff, after several days of eating out and eating 'fast' too so just needed to tick the real food box! Afterwards I sat down to write to Zac, to give him ll the news and chat.. but had a pear cider to help the evening along and now I have the biggest weary on!, thinking about the prompt I am rembering Fuzzy Felts.. do you remember them? Little felt shapes which would stick to a soft velcro type board.. it never was the same when they started making proper faces on them and stopped kids having to use their imagination was it?

.. so, in the absence of a picture of how my head feels, here is a library pic of those toys in a tray as I remember them!


  1. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I cheered, fuzzy felt..I had forgotten all about it, clever you. That is exactly how I remember it, in those boxes, aww the feel of it, the smell of it...
    I remember getting the farm set and feeling so special. I so did not want to share that toy with anyone.

    I hope you have a couple of days to relax now, you have earned it. x Jen

  2. I never played with these but they looks very interesting !

  3. I never had these as a child but loved playing with them at my friends. Another thing to put on my nieces must have form auntie list.


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