Thursday, 8 March 2012

365/68 Bathtime

I'll start with a tenuous link just in case I don't come up with anything better..its the end of a long day and a long luxurious bathtime would be very nice, though I think a fall straight into bed will be more likely!

Col and I took Kate to have some photos done for a teen model competition she got entered into. It was a great day, started with her having to arrive with her hair not done and no make-up...she doesn't believe us but she still looked great..and then she had a couple of hours with professional make up and hair, still Kate but suddenly a screen goddess.. ready for the photos..

.. the whole thing was a great experience, lovely people and so glad we chose a weekday as I can imagine it'd be busy at weekends with everyone wanting their family / baby / glamour's such a big gift experience these days.. and it was good to combine it with the entry and also just after her birthday.. it's hard these days to make life quite exciting enough for teens, what with all the comparable teen stuff shown on TV!

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