Tuesday, 20 March 2012

365/80 Quiet.

Well with all the men in our brood away, either longer term like my Zac or for a few days on sales visits like Col and Ross, the house is rather like the home of the churchmouse..

.. once the office day is over I cook and catch up with the girls and then settle down to a little tablet surfing and blogging, the TV is on but only to break the silence. When Colin or the boys are here the TV or stereo is always on or there is a sound coming from Zac's room,  usually the sounds of war as he and JB catch up on the latest X-box game.

I quite like no TV, I use it for company but would be happy if it was only the sound, maybe harping back to the early 70's when we first had a TV and had rubbish reception.. we used to pray for a down pour of rain to improve the recption and you could see a better picture through squinted eyes..and how many times did I wish we could have a 'booster aerial' like the others.. 

ahah, but eventually Phil came to the rescue, on his shining steed (in disguise of a Vanden Plas which needed running in.. well that was his story) ... six months later he and Mum were married and we moved to Mousehole, the 'city' of 2000 people and streetlights.. and he had been the first to get.. yes wait for it.. colour TV... sorted!

(well kind of.. the teen years and angst were to follow but hey, we got there eventually, unscathed, almost!)


  1. I would quite happily live without the TV :) x

  2. Now I cannot live without TV and hate quiet but don't like the radio sounds as I am very visual with my 'listening 'LOL!!

  3. I don't like the quiet and have our tv on most of time that I am in the house alone.


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