Wednesday, 14 March 2012

365/74 Unusual Camera Angle

Well this is most likely the most effort I have made for one of these prompts.. laying on the grass peering up into our monkey puzzle, then many attempts to get our 'outdoor cat' Joey to take some interest in the tablet so I could take his picture, all from an unusual angle.. I likened it to 'mouse-cam'

When the kids were younger sometimes I'd go in their rooms for a chat and lay on their beds, it was kind of odd for them, to see me on their beds and for me to see their rooms from an angle different to the usual 'doorway / knocking / waking' mode.  So I had a little revisit... awhh, Zac's room, just as he left it, World Map on the wall and a pile of his clothes waiting to be put away, not that unusual an angle but from a point laying on his bed anyway...

.. and then Jordan's huge pinboard of photos and random quotes, from the view she has when she wakes in the mornings..xx                                                            >>>>>>>


  1. When I was a kid, my walls looked like Jordan's one, at a point my parents said it was pointless to change the wall paper as it wasn't to be seen anyway !

  2. Great angles. My husband loves Monkey Puzzle trees but our garden is too small for a tree

  3. What a brilliant photo of your cat. Not only was he still enough not to be blurred but he wasn't licking or rubbing against the camera. Well done.

  4. I love all the photos- great ideas! lol- my one daughter had her walls covered until quite recently when we offered to redecorate!

  5. What a great thing to do :)

    I bet it made you miss Zac all over again.

    It was Wham! and George Michael all over my walls, back when I thought he was still available lol x


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