Tuesday, 6 March 2012

365/66 Cooking..

..or not.. not in this house tonight.. takeaway cancelled.. Seafood here we come.. x... and three hours later we are back home, belly's comfortably full and in front the fire with a suitable image...

... Kate's dessert, a nice end to a fifteenth birthday... I looked at her and tried to see in this gorgeous leggy teenager the bundle of baby and then the tition haired toddler and the gangly year sixer who so wanted to play Scrooge, despite being really quite poorly....and wondered how the next five, ten, fifteen years will change her, what kind of woman, mother, grown up daughter she will become...ahhh, this parenthood malarky, it never ends, its just the format which changes...xxxxxxx


  1. What a dessert, such a work of art :)

    Pondering the unknowable is such a part of this parent game. Some days, like a birthday are just freaky wierd thinking about it all. ((hugs))

  2. Wow- that dessert is amazing.

  3. Too true..we had a seventeenth birthday here last week. He used to weigh 4 lbs 11ozs, and now he's 6'3"


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