Saturday, 10 March 2012

365/70 Plant.

Well I am writing this on my new blogger format so I'm hopeful it will be a little easier and less sensitive.. I usually blog from my tablet and it kind of seizes up after a few paragraphs and I end up sizing it up on the kitchen pc (ahah and here I am again , tweaking as tablet refusing tp play ball with keyboard.. maybe it needs an update... Zacccccc!!)

How it was.. last year!

So... plant..
well the least tenuous link is the bit of gardening I managed to do this afternoon.. it was hardly really productive, perhaps revealing is the word to use.  To explain, Pops mentioned that the primroses were showing in the garden and I spotted some under the grass which took over my good intention of a flower bed last summer. A half hour later I had tugged and pulled about two wheel barrows of dead grass from around the bushes and revealed sprouting fuschias, primroses and hydrangeas...

all I need now is for Colin to find a new working area (those slates proved a perfect height for wood working the decking and may well do so for some time to come!) so I can pretty it up with some lobelias and hanging stuff for the summer..oh and I have plans for some bamboo to rustle and sing in my garen this year..

I was listening to the top 20 from 1968 this afternoon, tracks such as Cilla Black's 'Step Inside Love' and the Tremeloes 'Suddenly You Love Me'... and I was instantly transported back to a year where my brother was still living at home, when he used to play the 'transistor radio' in the bath before going out for the evening, how he, and consequently the rest of the household knew all the latest 'tunes'!  

Music is such a stimulus, like the tracks are planted in your brain and hearing them instantly links you back to the days when...

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