Thursday, 8 March 2012

365/67 Floor.

So I was away yesterday but I knew what the word was before we left .. did some shopping with our youngest whilst Col went to see a customer, should have taken some pics of some great expanses of tiling at Cribbs Causeway but my feet were sore and it just didn't happen..

... we stayed over in NW London and there was a TGI Fridays next door so we went there to eat before we rested our feet and legs in bed... and there it was.. the plate of food.. potato skins and nachos, all adorned with melted cholesterol...oops, sorry cheese.. it was grim..but if you look carefully at this picture, you may agree..

 ...that they may be perfect used for flooring? ... definitely a whole world away from the Seafood Cafe in St Ives with its exquisite food the night before..x

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