Monday, 25 June 2012

365/177 Sizzling!

Well if we are running a poll for most helpful photo prompt husband my Col will be the winner today for sure! After tea I was pondering the word of the day and he told me to shut up, relax and stop finding something to worry about... okay .. so I did..

.. just browsing some emails a while later and Col suddenly pipes up..he has a solution! Laughing I follow him with my camera ready on my phone.. across a flooded yard in my flip flops...

Col leading the way, unlocking the workshop, turning on lights.. and carrying a baking tray.....we donned safety glasses (got to do things properly!) and then he heated up a piece of metal and plunged it into the baking tray of water... truly sizzling!!!

Yeah, he was what I'd call a good egg.. funny, last week I'm sure it wouldn't have happened, I was so grumpy.. which comes first though,,the end of the grump or the betterhumoured husband!??.. ahh it's better now, who cares!


  1. Brilliant good old Col! We are OK in our household too, grumps don't last long here either!!

  2. I love it that your hubby gets involved too!!! What a great photo!

  3. What a brillaint hubby your Col makes, that's really going to extremes !!!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, xxx

  4. Well done Col lol what a great thing to have done :)

  5. LOL can I borrow him for awhile please? x ;)

  6. Thats great that Col helped you out, great idea and photo. Pleased the grumpiness has passed too.

  7. You're absolutely right!
    I think you win! Col is really cool! Please congratulate him!
    Let men in the workshops to be alive, healthy and creative!
    Bravo, KathiJo - Excellent way to represent!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog,


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