Monday, 30 July 2012

365/212 Dive

Loved seeing today's prompt! Not that we are a family of budding Tom Daleys, but knowing that we have lots to choose from, and it is an opportunity for me to wax lyrical about my Col. (But incidentally hats off to Tom Daley, what a fantastically dedicated lad, a great personality and ambassador for youth, sport, GB, whatever he wants to promote..he will surely be a celebrity in the correct sense, in that he has a talent and will earn the status not just let it fall upon him because of his gorgeous tan and smile (which incidentally he has and no Towie about it!!)

The house has been quite quiet as the kids are all working (and playing) and we are enjoying meals for two or three, even missing meals if we fancy, just pleasing ourselves!  Ross was in for tea and afterwards Col dug out some old pictures for my prompt, they will be copies but worth posting for the memory..

Fort William

So, way back when, about 1985 Col trained to be a Commercial Diver and later did his Saturation qualification as well. It was quite a big deal really, we knew quite a few guys who did this and it generally meant giving up a run of the mill job, investing time and most of the money you had in pursuit of a potentially exciting well piad career,but withthe danger and risks associated with being at the bottom of the ocean or dam or whatever, at the mercy of the weather and dependant on hoses of hot watr, gas and communications from the surface, again tended by another person.. the ultimate 'your life in their hands'

Diving gear!
He worked all over the place, dams in Spain, offshore in the North Sea, Norway and Gibraltar.

Dive Control.

Later on his love of all things engineering and ''big kit' led him to run civil engineering jobs and a less exotic lifestyle living in caravans and B&Bs working on submarine bases and installing equipment for the MOD, but having a lot more to do with making the job happen.. he always did like getting things done his way!

Gal Constructor

One of our civils jobs took him to India with his trusty band of men...we are still in touch with some of them and it was a busy busy time, with several young kids and every job needing to stand alone and make things work!  Nice now not to have to worry about how bad weather can make or break the profitability of your job!

As you can imagine Colin jumped at the chance to go look for shipwrecks in the Maldives in about 1990, that was before I was with him.. knew him though.. so when we went there on holiday he knew it would be brilliant for diving / snorkelling and the kids took to it so so well... 


  1. What a fascinating blog. Your husband had a really interesting job and what a great skill to teach the children

  2. What a great story ! I used to scuba dive, years ago, but only for pleasure.

  3. So interesting Kathi, that is an amazing job to have done. I wonder if he does much for fun now? xxx

  4. great memory and lovely photos.

  5. This is one of the best publications I've seen and read.
    Bravo, KathiJo!
    Thank you!


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