Saturday, 21 July 2012

365/202 Matched pair

Writing a day late (Saturday) and timing was good.. as we left the harbour on the Mount Col spotted the Sailing Club buoys and said 'there's your Matching Pair' good is he!  To be honest there were four but in two pairs of pairs!  I think they will make a fun thumbnail when everyone looks at the 365 page!

Not much to report from yesterday so that suits me too.. Zac called about 3pm but kept losing the link so we didn't have great flow, but I think life here and there is same old, same old.. so long as we are all okay and he is still enjoying learning lots and meeting lots of new people and places then we're happy.

More about today to tell but this is one of those daft 'arm's length' pictures of another Matched Pair...can you see him thinking.. just get on with it!!

Oh and a Happy Birthday for yesterday to Ken, still my Big Brother.. it's a daft thing we always say to each other like we were kids....I remember sometimes he used to have a play fight with my Dad, very light.. what we would call a scruff ... I would have been about 6 or 7 and Ken 17 or 18 so I would get upset and tell him to stop as he might 'hurt my Daddy'
(I guess as a young kid I always knew my Dad was not well, he was often weary and never able to rush, but it wasn't really something we talked about...)  Ken would say 'he's my Daddy too and I'm older than you'  to which I would reply 'ahhh but if I live longer than you he will have been my Daddy longer'  and Ken would tease me back..'but even if we're dead he'll still have been my Daddy first'
Not sure how my Mum must have felt about that conversation, so innocent and yet we kids, even Ken as a teen, couldn't have known that those days would be irrelevant as Dad would die before I was nine and Ken 20. 

We went out west today in the boat, some spiritual topping up for me and some repeated images for this blog but I will never tire of these rocks...

We went past Penberth and could see the rusty scar on the slipway (caunce) and it was one of those moments when I wonder at the fact that it is the same view Dad and Ken had in the 50's and 60's and probably our Grandad a hundred years ago.. and every pulling up of a boat along that caunce has made the ridge and marking what it is today... touching history.. simple yet for me it is like a race memory or something, however odd that seems.

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  1. Lovely Kathi, what a lovely post. I love the images used today and what you have conjured up with them, I love to hear the deeper thoughts we have. Of course as well as the silly ones we have too :)

    It makes me so much more grateful that I had my Dad for 37 years when I hear that sad story, I am so sorry to hear that Kathi.

    The boat trip sounds divine and those rocks are fab, it is great I think some of the ordinary/extraordinary things around us that we don't take for granted and enjoy all the time. xxxx


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