Sunday, 3 January 2010

Stop press!! First grumble of the year!

.. Meadery turns into Motorway Service Station!  

We went to Branwell's Meadery last evening and it was grim.. (libel laws allowing.) We were so cold we all wore our coats, the blackberry wine didn't come in the usual little Cornish Pint glasses and shock, horror, Meringue Glace has been lost from the menu!  The waitresses were all freezing cold themselves with chilly personalities to match. 

Whatever happened to the little dippers of garlic mayo for the mushrooms, the wooden plates for your Chicken in the Rough and the girls in wenches outfits capable of carrying three meals without the aid of a tray???

Call us demanding or from 'the days of way back when' ...but truly it was a shadow of its former self..luckily I don't think U Bill had been there before to see the changes for himself, but thought I should let you guys know.. be warned!

(Oh yeah, Col's New Years Resolution.. tell it like it is, demand a better deal for customer's everywhere, get a discount ......that way all the people coming behind you get to benefit from your complaints?!)


  1. OH dear - guess we won't be going there for our next scrappers night out then! xx

  2. Heard that Branwell's Mill had gone down hill.Shame that.


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