Wednesday, 13 January 2010


.. well we're a good few days into the year now and several boxes of chocolates are still lurking in the 'our presents' bag in our bedroom (namely plain Ferrero Roche, Chocolate Ginger and mini Rolos.. all my favourites, but perhaps that's why they still exist, the childhood teaching of waiting til later and savouring the best..?) 

The extreme cold weather and my normal low for the first half of January has passed so I am going to be a healthy eater...I am stopping short of calling it a diet, but from this mornings bowl of porridge and the apple I just scoffed I will be calling time on biscuits, buns and cakes!  Not sure if it will have any effect as the extra cakes and sweets eaten over the last 6 weeks will take a bit of counteracting! I love Christmas Cake, and have done more than my fair share of demolishing a whole Christmas Cake, with almond paste and icing , plus a red wine cake.. the second of which is still half eaten and hiding in a tin to be found when I am on a healthy sugar fix (I tell myself that it is all dried fruit, aka fibre, aka healthy eating!)

I thought maybe writing this down would be like a cheap version of Slimming World or Weight Watchers, an unspoken world out there watching to see if there is any change, exerting some pressure on me....just how much willpower I have will depend on how quickly these jeans feel a little less tight..I need instant results here to even get me to the weekend.

(So strange, I was googling for a photo of rolos and found this one.. in front of some curtains exactly like mine! How wierd is that? Or how common are my curtains?)

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