Wednesday, 6 January 2010


...that January is here, and May and June seem a mile away... or just Seasonal Affective Disorder? ... though in my case 'Sore And Decrepit' .. I don't know, I'm aching all over, weary and wishing it was summer, well warmer at least.  Not an unusual warcry from me at this time of year, and the cold which makes me feel all hunched up and much older than my age doesn't help.  Looking for a nice holiday in February / March but not firmed up anything yet, that'd help.

Went out west yesterday for the funeral of an Aunt, well more specifically the mum of 3rd or 4th cousins I grew up with, but in those days everyone you lived close to was an Aunt or Uncle, a sign of respect and general closeness in life, rather than direct family connection. It was a sweet personal service and again it really makes me think, seeing so many faces from my childhood, many of them of my parents era, we all share so many similar times, but each of us have travelled our own paths too. Nice to see them and feel the common ground. 

My liveliest memory of Val was when she was carrying a tray of sausages around to everyone at one of the famous Bonfire Nights they held at the Nook when we were kids, someone let off a jumping jack which startled her and seemed to chase her along, but she still managed to keep the sausages on the tray!  We used to collect wood and papers for those bonfires from September on, as soon as school started back and the evenings drew in, all stored in their cellar.

My Mum worked with Val and as she was being courted by my Dad, 'Tommy Thomas from Penberth' and they in turn introduced Val to the man and stalwart of the Cove who would become her husband, Teddy George. If you carry the thought through my mum and dad could be responsible for a whole bunch of family there yesterday...ahhhh.   Makes you think of that film 'Sliding Doors' where two possible life stories evolved from a simple do or don't decision made on a single day... ahhh, feeling warmer inside at the thought x


  1. You are an old romantic. x

  2. ahhh, thanks, that's made me smile..I obviously have too much time on my hands.. should try that hobby I've heard of.... scrapbooking..or maybe write for Mills&Boon!


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