Friday, 8 January 2010

Remotely ..fascinating..

..there's no Scrapbooking tomorrow as the Centre has been closed, I can't imagine how icy it must be on the pavements and hill there in Newlyn!  Haven't ventured out yet, happy to be housebound with no sprained ankles, thanks! (Scaredy cat)

Ahaha, but a few have us have kick-started the idea of a CyberCrop,  which I guess means scrapbooking in a group, but not as a group..(aka Irish Scrapbooking maybe Linda?..sorry)..but being in touch online at the same time..

Karen has done it before and the rest of us are learning..if all it does is get me back in scrapping mode I'll be happy. My stash of stuff is in piles and needs a good sort out; we are 'meeting'online at 11am tomorrow soI'll be in that scrap room and tidying by 10!   (Can you hear the spring this has put in my otherwise sluggish steps this week?)

I'll post anything worth showing tomorrow.. (phone refusing to link to PC at the moment so not sure about how to photo transfer.. bah!)

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  1. It was such a good idea. I haven't been out the house for two days which is unheard of for me. So it was great to have a chat with everyone. I said to Kenton today that I feel like I actually went to Newlyn yesterday!


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