Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cyber Scrapbooking! was great.. and we all promised that we would do it again soon as an extra to our usual Saturday sessions. I think at one point 8 of us were all online, either chatting, reading and sticking, cutting or sewing, the conversation, jolly banter and the wry digs, (as usual almost always at Linda's expense dear heart), it was real fun and certainly made up for not getting together in the flesh!!

I chose some photos of Lilly's first birthday and used my Cuttlebug for the first time, I'll need to get some new dies and embossing folders but these are the ones it came with..

I used my favourite whitewash core papers and they give a lovely baby feel..the little stamps and the bay colours remind me of Loveheart sweets....x


  1. those little dies look really good . I have never given them a second look until now!!!!

  2. Just what I was thinking Linda. x Love the stamp die as well.

  3. mmm, and with the core papers they get a real baby look.. ahhh x


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