Thursday, 7 January 2010

(s)NO(w) School today..

So Ross, Zac, Jordan & Kate set off to find some slopes to enjoy the fun. The snow was sprinkled on the hedges here but quite thick in places and there's something nice about being on the roads where no cars can travel.  I really like this picture, almost black & white with odd accents of golden gorse. 

(Good scrapping pics to use my black & white stash Lisa gave me for Christmas..) Ross took most of the pictures and I can see he had my scrapping gene at work while he was eying up the shots..


  1. love the way you play with words Kathi. Looks like they had some fun. Mine haven't even be outside the door!!!! Wusses. xx

  2. love that sledging pic. Happy New Year to you Kathi!


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