Thursday, 28 January 2010

Last but not least...

.. must add this photo of Kate's feet, wrapped up cosy in a pair of flight socks Uncle Bill & Deborah left in their little pile of goodies when they left.. courtesy of Virgin Airlines.. complete with little plane..

Sadly we are flying Monarch when we go on holiday in March, but despite that we're really looking forward to it. Kate has made a tear off set of paper pieces with a date on each one, so we can count down..but she has a birthday first.. always something to celebrate here.  (and don't ask about the diet..the homemade shortbread, chocolate cake, apple crumble etc. at our Mevagissey scrap day have not helped at all!)


  1. So glad you blogged I was starting to get withdrawal symptons. lol

  2. ahh, thanks Karen.. yes, I wish I was as good as Dolly and has something to add every day..x


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