Monday, 25 January 2010

Ross' dawnies...

My Ross just sent me this gorgeous picture of the sun rising this morning, taken from Penzance Jubilee surf but the sunrise made the effort of getting himself out of the house about 7.30am well worth it!

This one from the Hendra end of Praa Sands....

This has made me look at some of the blogs which post an image every day to show a little of your life..and several people I know are following Dolly and her 52 layouts in 2010 (52 in 10) challenge.  I wonder if I have the stamina for it, well maybe I should start with a layout for each month of the year...

I sorted out my albums yesterday while the house was quiet, and in fact I have a good view of how last year went, even with scrapping February snow in October!

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  1. aww thanks mum, look awesome published, Hendra was firing that day :-) xxx smiles just thinking about it!


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