Sunday, 31 January 2010

The day job..

.. as if I had one!

Just found a lovely set of STS pictures in Uncle Bill's folder. He got a 'guided tour' of our workshops and took some great pictures, I thought it would give a flavour of 'our other life' to anyone who hasn't been here.. this show's my Col with our 'flagship' product' the drum trolley which allows people to move 45 gallon drums safely. 

We make lots of other kit now, ten years into the business, everything from pallet movers to drum and roll turners for paint and packaging companies.

We all pitch in and Zac works too when he's not at college (though we are in danger of losing him to the local paintball venue at the moment.... can't think why he'd find that more fun than cutting & grinding!)

 So here's the evidence that I do work and have other things in my head barring the new blog entry or layout!
I have the job of juggling all Colin's calls, he thinks I should have a bigger scaled map as he often drives 300 miles and demos to two or three customers each day, poor thing!
Good job he's my husband, not sure another wife would be impressed with the itinerary if she hadn't organised it!

We have a mixed bunch of people working, a couple of us token Cornish but also

.. our crazy Polish electrician Pawel (we went to his wedding two years ago.. and what a Polish celebration it was!) .. and then there's Rudi our South African workshop manager.... they always have something to say and smile about!
^^^(At this point Pawel was saying.. you do not want to photograph me, an ugly Polish man!!..really)

Maurice is our main stainless steel welder, he's such a star.. been with us almost since the start. He's off to China soon for his son's wedding, he'll sure have some good photos and stories to tell..
...last but not least Justin, who joined us just before Christmas.. and came on our Christmas 'do' his first night, talk about in at the deep end!

(apologies to the others who were on hols before U Bill arrived.. oops!)

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