Friday, 15 January 2010


.. well not a biscuit or a cake has passed my lips for two whole days..porridge for breakfast and lots of fruit, plus usual meals.. feeling quite proud, and def less sluggish, esp around the waist, though doubt it would measure anything, it's the feeling which counts.. isn't it.
No porridge this morning and did have saffron bun (not a cake or a biscuit.. isn't it just fruit bread in another name..?) for breakfast / croust as I got in the office..but all is not lost, and I did save it from being stale and thrown away didn't I!?

Trying not to fall into the trap of analysing everything I eat, but looking at last two blogs I'm not so sure it's working...also got the Donna Downey canvas album in my head, off to do a day with Linda at Mevagissey next Saturday and really want to hone my ideas and stash so I don't go there with no idea and two bags of kit I'll never use.


  1. Keep it up Kathi, I'm on the special K two bowls a day, was fed up by yesterday. Though it keeps the children entertained at lunch time me eating breakfast - they are sooooo confused now LOL

  2. well if it was going to go stale of course you had to eat it :-)


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