Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pictures for Will..

I was chatting by email to Will in the US earlier this week, (or is it now last week?... whichever)...I promised I'd post some pictures for him. The first is of Jordan the day we did the West Cornwall nostalgia tour with U Bill, Deborah & Suzannah.. wow it seems an age ago now,but the very cold weather was approaching and we were trying to hide from the chill in the lee of the scenery!

The second is my favourite view of the snowy garden.. from inside through a window! 

Ross bridged the gap between adult & child, as ever and this one of him and Rob (grateful for a play out of doors,whatever the weather).   Kate's here now wishing the fine mist of snow which has ben drizzling its way to the ground all day, would turn into afullblown blizzard capable of crippling the school calendar for another few days yet!
And a last little view of Christmas in Mousehole.. we chose a dreadful night of rain to go there, but we persevered and the lights look spectacular whatever the weather..ahhh, til next year then..xx


  1. Ssshhh Kathi don't tell Kate - we are shut tomorrow.!!

  2. mmm and likely allok here, improves as you get closer to the sea.. Zac's at Penwith & has exams..urghhh! xx

  3. mm Bernadette has exams on Wed and is worrying silly that she may not be able to sit it.!!

  4. Zac's not so worried, says he'll just resit / do them in june..maybe he'll have got intothe course by then!

  5. Thanks for the beatiful snowy pic's! Good luck to Zak
    tomorrow on his driver's test.



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