Sunday, 31 January 2010

If I was a salmon..

I think if Uncle Bill was our official photographer over Christmas, and for the fact, for most of my favourite pictures of last year, then I want to be his official scrapbooker!

Jordan just transferred the pictures to my house computer and it is such a joy to look at them all and relive the moments..all 395 of them.. should keep me in scrap photos for the year! I thought I'd share a few with you..
first is a rare pic of me with Jordan, huddled up in the cold at the Minack..half a mile either side of there feels like where I belong, I feel so fulfilled when I go there..hard to explain but if I was a salmon that's where I'd be heading!

This one of Kate and Rob our mellow, gorgeous dog, he had been bathed in prep for Christmas, and Kate had also washed her hair and was caught here pre-straightening ....shaggy dog story?

I really like this one too.. me and my pal Noemi, we gas away like crazy when we meet up, only trouble is it never seems often enough! But at Christmas we always get together and her house (ala Christmas Cottage) is just soooo festive, so much food, always a fab (Polish) welcome, and so much to laugh ya x

And just in case you think the photos are always of personal times.... he captures such beautiful Cornish moments too..
(PS 7pm same day.. this is what Uncle Bill told me just now about taking this picture...The picture of the Cornish sunset was taken from the local bus while moving between the buildings etc over my shoulder , to get behind Deborah, and with one hand. Two other photos had huge power lines running across the picture. Just shows you how much that photo wanted to be taken. )..Bravo!!

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