Friday, 31 December 2010

Last thing..

..on December 31st and my last chance to add a December Daily entry for this year.  I don't have a picture taken today specifically but by the time I'm finished writing I'm sure I'll have something to add. (and sure enough, a timely offering from Jordan.. I love her pictures..)

The time between Christmas and New Year has been quite relaxing, even though for the first year in ages I have been in the office quite a bit, but it's great how much you can get sorted when the phone doesn't ring.  The guys have been busy painting and cleaning the workshops so we'll all have a fresh start for next year.  It's been a time of changes at work, but it's looking  very positive and for once we can look to the new year with renewed vigour and a little less reluctance to 'get going'

The kids are all doing their own things tonight and for Zac & JB that's having a few friends here and so far we've played Monopoly, Pictionary and now some card game with spoons.. but I can see it all getting a little merrier as the drinks go down!

I've tried not to have any expectations of the celebratory aspect of tonight and recall that the best New Years have been spent with the group of people you spend the year with, otherwise it's all a bit false and contrived, so tonight I'm just being laid back and enjoying having a few of the family together and just being happy and healthy. (sign of age maybe.. or just not having enough friends to go do something bigger with.. haha!)

Oh, and we got ourselves a new car.. ready to collect on Thursday when it's been preened and pampered (possibly for the last time in 2-3 years!), I really like it, nice colour.. stormy blue metallic.. mmm, someone said to suit my temperament...well...?

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  1. Sounds just like the New Year's Eve we had spent with family and friends - who seem like family - just perfect. Glad you all had a good time. Here is to 2011. xxx


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