Tuesday, 7 December 2010

White world.

I don't think I can remember a time when it was as icey and cold for such a prolonged time. Our yard hasn't been ice free in 10 days and even with the sludge reduced to ugly grey boulders there is a frosting of chilliness all across every surface... quite pretty at times.

Colin is away on customer calls as far up as North wales tomorrow, and he says the whole country is bathed in a strange whiteness, not snow, just iced moisture, like you're travelling through a winter postcard scene. (Well that's the most poetic I've ever heard him, or anyone for that fact, describe a days driving up the M5/M6 corridor!)

Since the household was reduced in numbers tonight, me, Pops and Jordan feasted on beans on toast and I knocked up a quick bread & butter pudding for when Ross got in.. needless to say it is half gone already!  Real comfort foods on chilly days uh?

I missed a December Daily entry yesterday, but have told myself I was way ahead with Sunday's extra entries.

We went to St Austell cinema to see 'Unstoppable' about a runaway train. It was pretty good (JB liked the lead, he was in Star Trek?), all ended well with the heroes succeeding.....ironic really that the true story was way more dramatic with a huge crash and further explosions days later from fractured gas pipes ruptured during the clean up. 
But I guess only those of us with NatGeo addicted husbands would know that and there really wasn't much of a happy ending especially is you lived in Scranton.!

.. and by the way the cinema was awesome!

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