Saturday, 11 December 2010

Failed again..

.. to meet my self imposed December Daily.. but we had a great night last night, take-away pizza and Indian (as several of us refuse to compromise!), in fact probably more fun than if we'd eaten out.  (Interesting there.. why does Indian get a capital letter and not pizza??) Anyways, as ever I digress!

We played my favourite 'Table Talk,' a super little box of conversation starters you can buy at Past Times. We asked my son-in-law the question, what was the nicest thing anyone ever said to you and after not much consideration he looked at Lisa and said 'I do'... so cool, so sweet, what a guy, he knows how to woo us all, I was very impressed!

The fact that I'm blogging at 11am is quite significant.. I got up at 10.30 to start cleaning the kitchen and living room ahead of decorating for Christmas, as I hate adding tinsel to dust!  Needless to say I haven't started yet, and have had a coffee, a new edition of Psychologies magazine (not much different to any other monthly women's rag, just a little less dieting and fashion!) and some gossip with the kids....ok, so off I go.. sure there'll be a good picture for today.

Meanwhile here's Jordan's offering for yesterday..

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