Friday, 3 December 2010

Failed.. get even the second daily picture posted before the witching hour... but it was a late night! But the effort is made at 8am Day 3.

We drove (well I use the term in the Royal sense.. Colin drove..) to Plymouth and back to see Frankie Boyle at the Pavilions.  He was very good.. as in: so bad he was good. And interestingly I think it was the ladies who were laughing loudest! 

There was little evidence of snow after Truro...there had been a sprinkling here whilst we were out so we're back to tentative footsteps again this morning.  It's quite an odd feeling venturing past the 'snow zone' I have been moving in since Monday, as if we in the far west are in an existence a bit like the Grinch.. existing as if on our own snowflake or in our own personal Christmas Card!

Lots to do back here in office world so we didn't stay over, got home at almost 1am, knowing that the last conversation I had with Zac was about putting the heating on in our bedroom about 10.30pm.  Ahhhh, but that involves taking a moment out of Gears of War or whatever and venturing out of your warm cosy room to realise that maybe, just maybe M&D would be relying on your memory so they wouldn't have to get in bed fully clothed..... still, it gave me the opportunity to take this pic for Day 2!!

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