Sunday, 28 February 2010

Quote of the week..

.. and every week really. We were talking about going on holiday today, and I asked Kate what she was thinking of wearing on the plane...'mmm, mini skirt and boob tube' was her quick reply.   Trouble is, last week when I was heading out for Hazel's party , I had asked her what she thought I should wear and I got the same answer... 'mini skirt and a boob tube'... ahh, those were the days, though myself I favoured satin trousers!!!  No!!!!!!

 (the question was asked before the famous dress or no dress incident.. and by the way, I kept the dress, planning to love it and wear it, when the fancy takes me, probably to see Calendar Girls with the scrap ladies at this rate!... yeah, yeah, or out in the dark, with a coat or overalls on top! 
The truth is I couldn't face taking it back to the small little shop and explain that I didn't have the courage of my convictions to just wear it.)

But then I looked out a pic for this from our last holiday, and hey presto.. my 'almost a boob tube and mini skirt moment' ... though for the sake of comments I think 'boob and expanded waist tube' might be a more fitting description!

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