Monday, 8 February 2010

Getting there..

.. one of my New Year's Resolutions was to get more of my 'stuff' better organised, so yesterday's working party to get the plastic boxes in our shed sorted was very satisfying.  Kate did her bit, pallet trucking the boxes to and fro, Jordan helped Col make up some racking and Ross and I just loved purging the long stored stuff and making it all nice and tidy in the new shed.  Ross' OCD comes into its own and my usually hidden Virgo tidiness were so in synch we were on quite a roll, throwing out stuff I have hoarded for several years.

Of course a lot was kept, some in a box for other people (yes Linda a box of pre-loved girlie clothes here for yours, not to mention a few good books)
Some things were thrown away and others restored.. but I thought it would be fun to photograph and blog about a couple of things I found (and yes, sad am I!)

These are three little clay items I found, a little animal Zac made at playschool, a plaster cast of Kate's hand one Christmas and a slightly one and half legged looking owl Jordan made at school.

And this rather beaten up board book was the one I read to Ross about an hour before I had Lisa, we used to read it every night. She was born at home and he went off to bed so great, then woke about an hour after she was born, it was perfect. My mum was there, just us two and a fab midwife called Margaret Adams who I had worked with at the doctors beforehand.

And finally this little family features some of Jordan's once favourite books..the Judy Moody series.. there's a hint there somewhere!  And a couple of old favourite toys Lisa had stored away, a fastening doll and Tigger, Colin bought her both of these...I think Tigger was one of her nicknames, along with 'Sausage' and 'TillyMint'

Oh, just one more.. a little bronze statue of the Mermaid of Copenhagen my brother brought home from a youth club cruise to 'Norway, Denmark & Sweden' in about 1968.  I used to rattle off those country names like I'd learnt them by heart, I guess I had NO idea where they were when I was about 7 or 8, but I was really impressed that Ken had been there.. and, (I think) on the Canberra no less!

There must be sooo many of these around the world, they're probably the equivalent to a London Red Bus or something!

(Oh, and can you just ignore that she is stuck to the stone with some blue tac!)

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  1. So glad someone else keeps all these bits and bobs.XX


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