Thursday, 4 February 2010

Urghhh. so much done yesterday evening, lots of photos printed and the album, although now quite manic, it is starting to look lived in and a real personal record.

Two reasons for the urghhh... had TV on in the kitchen as I cut and stuck etc, on came the A to Z of Embarassing Illnesses, I think bad feet are the worst of things.. yes, worse than... (well, if you watched it you will know!)

Second urghh... these little critters..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
the sticky jelly type embellishments , which come (and this is /was a clue) with a nice clear sheet of protection on top..are sticking to everything!  You close up the book and then, hey presto the jellies are stuck to your pictures... bah! Rethink..maybe I'll have to add some lovely journalling on a nice plastic which will peel away..or just use on layouts I put in a sleeve..

1 comment:

  1. What ever you do it will look brilliant and very effective - just like the eyelets will on Sat!!!


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