Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I really like looking at nicely printed journalling, in particular Pat and Margaret choose lovely fonts for tonight I got busy and tried some..bits are hidden but here's some to share.. I had this page long overdue to finish, taken at the London Eye almost a year ago.

All I had in mind was things Colin was just right to have the picture of him & Zac looking at the huge feat of engineering ..

.. made sure I included some of his other pleasures.. (I said some!)


  1. Not only is the font lovely but the journalling is wonderful - you have such a way with words, ever thought of writing a book? x

  2. Hey, that's kind.. my friend in the US says I should write a column about my family life.. haha..If I did a book it'd be one of those 'way back in the day' pamphlets I expect!
    Maybe I could write and you could do the pics.. project for our old age! x

  3. Why wait til next year!! LOL sorry couldn't resist. Have you read 'Up with the Larks'? about the lady who became a postie in St Mawes? You would have no problem. xx


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