Saturday, 13 February 2010

Another pleasure..

...Colin has is to lie on / in bed and watch TV. I think it always was one of his pleasures, but more so a necessity since he had the two back operations a couple of years ago, also a veg out from the brain ache that is his work life for the rest of the week.  Coupled with driving to North Wales, Cambridge and home again, interspersed with 3 customer visits in 3 days, I think he has all the excuses he needs..

So, this afternoon, everyone else busying themselves with friends, shopping or vehicle tinkering, we snuck off to bed, chocolates and a coffee to hand, and watched, with very little interruption.. the first Sex in the City film. ...Yeah, I know, a chick flick, but we do watch episodes now and then when the stand-up comedy has run its course late at night.. and to be honest, this guy knows what's good for him.  (As if a few episodes of Crash Investigation, Seconds from Disaster or Al Murray's Road to Berlin (the latter of which I can actually appreciate) would do the trick to keep this chick happy on Valentine's Eve!?)

The film was quite good really, I was a bit fearful that it would be way off the track of the series, as many film of the series can be, but I liked it...and he only dozed off the once!

As for Valentine's Day, we agreed not to go mad, he brought chocs home in any case.. but I guess he'll have a card and breakfast in bed tomorrow, and I'll get to chose that we go West tomorrow, take flowers to my dad (for what would be his 88th birthday on Tuesday)and maybe slip to the Minack for a snack on the way home...hey, if the morning is as good as today we may even coast walk.

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