Sunday, 14 February 2010

Been there, done that...

Beautiful day, calm seas, the sun shone like summer.   We took flowers to church, we wandered around and had some lunch. 

The whole Nostalgia Trip, and Col came too.. he generally opts out when I'm on a roll with friends visiting, but this time it was just us two....I didn't really have to say much, he knows all my stories.

we had our wedding photos taken here.. so I smiled when he told me to sit on these steps...I felt a bit like that Princess Di picture, all alone where once a group of us time I'll have to find the timer on JB's camera or take Uncle Bill!

Home now and I think he's trying to impress me.. all those odd jobs, mending taps, wonky stools.. and all I asked for was a crook on my bedroom door!

Guess I'll have to cook the tea..or..... (pity Falmouth is a little far for Domino's!)


  1. Beautiful weather. Kenton was delighted to spend most of the afternoon at Playzone for a kids party! I went to Trengwainton gardens with my mum, dad and Spencer! We did have aChinese takeaway tonight !

  2. Well I did do roast but all done and dusted by 7.30pm. Opened some of the fizzy stuff and early to bed!


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