Monday, 8 February 2010

More tidying.

Cleaning behind a chest of drawers last week I found two collage photo frames, you know the kind, that I'd done in about 1996 (well, before Kate.. or is that B.K.) maybe that was the seeds of my scrapbooking..?
...well actually not, because I started that way back when I was about 5 and stuck, with very sticky glue which dried to a shiney crisp finish, pictures of Twinkle and the Swinging Blue Jeans into a proper old scrapbook... I still have it, my cutting skills left a lot to be desired which could explain why I still find it hard to get a guillotine cut at the full 90 degrees!

Anyway, in the frame were some great pics which I will probably now scrap.. but here's a taster..

Firstly my sweet little JB, a girl with attitude even at 2 years old!

And then my Col, pictured with his little gang of pals..hard to imagine this little guy begging one of the girls to 'let me have a go with your pram' ... when the Mum's all persuaded her to let him, he took it round the corner, dumped the dolls and returned with a pram full of bricks!

Now there's my apron, which I always wore because it had huge pockets and it meant that when Auntie Janie was giving me and my friend currants I could store some in my pockets, and then have more, cos my hands were smaller than Teddy's.
Auntie Janie lived in the thatched house (..see pic at bottom of blog).. she was an elder of the cove and we called her Auntie out of respect. She was like a Victorian grandmother, all dark dresses and little black lace-up shoes, but she loved us kids. 'Go show Auntie Janie' was a common phrase, whether it was a new dress or the Christmas Tree just done. My favourite was to make a tea party with plastic teaset and get her over to 'tea' and she always played along!

(Yes, a wee peek of Zac and his race car cake, we'll save that for another day..)

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