Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shopping for clothes, blah blah..

So, this is the thing..my baby Kate went off to have her hair cut & highlighted (not so baby Kate then is she?) and I was let loose in town for couple of hours.

Feeling pretty perky I tried on a cute little dress thing which (I thought) looked great with my opaque tights and flatty boots, you know the kind of flimsy thing a girl of 20 would wear with bare legs and shoes which would look more at home on a transvestite gladiator (you know the ones), but us forty-almost fifty somethings wear dressed down for fear of the 'sheep-dressed-as-lamb' police might be despatched with us in their sights.

The lady in the shop (I'll get her) said it looked nice, it felt nice (for nice read it wasn't too tight, didn't make my rolly bits look more rolly, and it didn't touch in all the right places) and most of all I thought it would work for the 'do' I have Saturday.. a 60th birthday, but social and disco, unsure of whether I should go full smart (and possibly way overdressed) or jeans casual, I thought flimsy retro with flatty boots would cover all corners.

So... getting to the point, I showed it to my gathered clan, (should have known better than to pull it on and show, untitivated, to an otherwise hungry family)  Well, there was a range of reactions: Kate said it was 'way too 70's', Jordan said just 'No', Col said it didn't touch where it was meant to (there speaks the man) and Zac has to have the last word.. 'It would look good ... under a pair of overalls'

Good job Jordan had made soup for tea, they'd all be eating crackers and cheese!

Anyway I kept it on for five minutes in the hope they'd grow to like it, or possibly see what I saw, but it appears not.  I'm not sure if I'll keep it, maybe for our hols,or 'to scrapbook in' as I think Jordan suggested. (what does that say about scrapbooking?.. that we're all a bunch of creative hippies, or that when we're doing that, there's no need to look okay.. or that it would be good to wear 'cos it's so colourful?? I don't know.)

Credit goes only to Emily, JB's friend, visiting, who suggested it'd look nice with a belt to match the boots.....oh, and I guess, begrudgingly to Col who always asks if his opinion is worth anything if it isn't honest.. and told me he'd to take me to 'the Causeway' to buy something,... for a minute I thought he meant Kingsley Village... surf gear I wondered, then realised he meant Cribb's Causeway, but hell, I'd come out in the first sack he half liked before the Kryptonite caught up with him and the trip rendered fruitless!

So.. judge for yourselves..and help me out..maybe it's a friend I need to go shopping with me..

(Shhh, I bought another wrap over dress too, with a voucher (so effectively it was free.... wasn't it) Jackpot, so soft, crease free, perfect for the evenings on holiday when you don't want to own up to sunburn..a little mumsy, but hell, when you're  Gran I guess a little Mumsy is okay?) 

I'm here now, with a rather large port. drowning my festering frustration by blogging and looking forward to the second episode of One Born Every Minute..Life in a Maternity Hospital.... last week rendered me feeling very guilty for putting Col through all the home births.. it is definitely easier to have these babes than stand by and watch someone else do it.. I even said sorry to him, he said he hasn't got over it yet (the having babies, not me apologising!)

... few minutes later... mmm.. seeing it from the other viewpoint.. Emily's camera.. okay, so it isn't what I usually wear.. and that's the problem, I think. they all want me to stay true to form, and if I go for this, it may mean I'm not me... bring back the black, the polo necks and the block colours...long live M&S??

(God, I sound like Carrie Bradshaw. too much self analysis maybe?)

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  1. At the end of the day Kathi - if YOU like it and it makes YOU feel good then wear it. xx


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