Monday, 1 March 2010


... seems to be a good way to make the day pass faster! Dear Col has a huge drive this week, he left here yesterday, towing a trailer with a big roll handling unit on it, to be in London early this morning. So far he has already had the van broken into (nothing taken.. he lived too long in Liverpool area to make anything that available!), seen two customers and is heading for the far east of the country, before wending his way home... via Manchester and Leeds!.

Back here I was checking our banking and asked him about a Credit Card payment as we have had our cards used fraudulently a few times before. I said to him that 'I don't want to appear controlling but...' and he laughed out loud.... and for quite a long time.... by which time (luckily) I had joined in..'...oh, if you're worrying about appearing controlling, then you're way too late!'

So, there's no hope for me.. or you if you want to use my card un-noticed!  xxx


  1. Sorry to hear about the van but I'm sure your comment made his day. xx

  2. i think Dad's rubbed off enough on me for nothing to left in the cab apart from my tide timetable and beanie collection!

  3. .. yeah, and they'd soon bring the beanies back!


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