Monday, 1 February 2010


.. watched Julie Walters last night as Mo Mowlem, God, she was good. You just forget  how she started out in a comedy role....even her mannersims, walk etc were true, she must work so hard researching and getting into character.

There you are.. my thought for the day...Julie Walters is ace!

And what an amazing lady Mo Mowlem was.. I think her autobiography might be on my list of holiday books.... the list in rather long at the moment.. needs trimming or I'll be trading knickers for books in my bag!


  1. Nothing new there then LOL x

  2. watched it too .. fresh eyes from someone who lived it. what a women! regardless of ones political persuasion
    contrary to what was said at the time by some.... inc my DAD.
    quite wird to have your own and very true prospective, on Real historical events.Also quite hard to watch for all the above reasons.


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