Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Zac & Jordan..

.. are just having a point scoring session. JB just showed Zac's year 6 autobiography to Emily, in an attempt to embarrass him.. it just backfired because in it Zac tells the story of how Jordan is often called DangerMouse because she falls over more than once a day (nothing changes there then honey!)

As a PS to the dress entry below I just showed Zac one of the pictures of me in the dress.. he asked if that was the picture I was using to sell the dress on e-Bay!

There is no hope for me, in this house.. and I have to go pack a bag for the weekend so Col can take it with him, otherwise I'll have a trunk on the train Thursday evening.. hey, I'll have 4 hours, all alone, Time Traveller's Wife I think??

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