Tuesday, 23 February 2010


....and I thought I ought to blog something whilst I have time in case the 'wine and evening meal kryptonite' takes a hold of me and I cannot move out of the sofa to blog this evening!

Incidentally, in case you were afraid to ask, the diet is non-existent and has not been a success at all...too many special moments in our house: a birthday, a good day, a bad day, a return home, a last night... way too many reasons to celebrate or commiserate with food and wine and even a bar of chocolate for me to have been successful in making the waistline a little less tight with food reduction alone!  My latest thought is that maybe Ross can get me motivated whilst on holiday and we can get in a little gym session each day, but hey, that is a very outside chance!  

And don't you think there are way too many programmes featuring excessively fat people on TV at the moment ... does nothing to help us 'just-on-the-comfier-side-than-I-used-to-be' feel like we need to be skinny whips!

So, last Thursday, I travelled to Bristol on the train, and ate my free first class fruit cake, biscuits and coffee... (seat was first class, coffee and cake were standard issue British Rail, just as I recall from the 80's but hell, it was free I suppose!) 
Managed to read stuff all the way, such a treat for me...the free copy of the Times, latest issue of Scrapbook Magazine (Linda features in both the main mag and the supplement and I think her bits are the best.. even with bias allowed) and an old Psychologies magazine dating from June '09. I had found this during one of my tidy ups, still wrapped and unread... reflects the stress and pace of life last May I guess...
...note to self: forget the magazine questionnaires about the state of your life, when you open the magazine 10 months after it was delivered you either:
a) have a life ..or
b) must have other ways of de-stressing which don't involve reading a subscription magazine!
But it was a good issue and I did a really interesting questionnaire about what love-type you are: either a builder / explorer/ director/ negotiator.  Even more interesting on the trip home when I ran the Q by Col... we did answer very differently and turns out that whilst we are both Builders (which is good), we are mainly a Negotiator and a Director (no prizes for guessing which one is which!.. but this is also good, makes us compatible)   Hahah, reminds me of when he said that we were like two peas in a pod to which I replied...yeah, you're the fully rounded pea in the middle, grown to it's full roundness and I'm the little, slightly distorted one in the corner of the pod, squeezed up to let the big peas grow.  
He didn't really like that at the time, but what I meant was, that I am happier being the supporting role, facilitating other people's journeys... and so proud to see him and the rest of the gang do things which excite and fulfill them. 

Yeah, ice skating, water ski-ing, diving, I'm always happier watching.. think I never had a danger-gene and any I did have were well and truly passed on with having 4 of my 5 babes as home deliveries..
That reminds me.. One Born Every Minute tonight I think..or is it tomorrow.. haven't met a guy yet who watches it!

More about the weekend later..


  1. gym/run in the morning
    snorkle til 5
    cocktails til dawn

    fun times ahead xxx

  2. If the above takes place we want photographic evidence please!! lol
    I can just see your page now Kathi. x

  3. .. you all think you're so funny!

    You may well get the evidence.. of the cocktails til dawn! xx


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