Thursday, 25 February 2010


Some of you (at scrapbooking) may have seen this picture before, but I just had to jot down something about it. It's a 'not very special' kind of photo, taken in 1970 in my Auntie Edna's back garden in St. Buryan.

She is on the left and my Mum is on the right, not a common site to see them posed together with this much closeness. Mum was always the younger sister and Auntie was always, yes, always the bossy older sister!

I read a quote the other day that every picture has a story, even the most ordinary looking one, and this is no exception.  Mum would be about 44 in this picture and Auntie Edna about 48.  My mum had been widowed the year before, had a big operation and my brother got married so the family had changed in so many ways in just a short time. We spent quite a bit of time with her family in St Buryan, I guess looking at it now, it was company for her, it broke the monoteny and I guess they expected her to 'return' to them then. 

I can't get over the almost bare piece of mat they are sitting on; was it the coldness of the mat or the need for something a little colourful that has them sitting on an old purple shirt? And as for little old me, aged 10.. some fashion faux pas taking place there..I showed this picture to a  foreign waiter at a hotel where we were scrapping and he told me that  'you should never show this picture to anyone!'   Thanks! But I'm not proud and I'm too old and ugly to worry about it now, let alone the middle name Mum bestowed on me because she made Auntie a daft promise, as in her heart she thought I'd be a boy!!
(And yes, it is a layout in progress.. maybe I'll finish it this week)

It must have been a favourite dress, that yellow one my Mum is wearing, she had it on in every photo of that era, ... or maybe it was her only dress.. or maybe the photos we have were all taken pretty much at the same time, you know how it was, use the film up so we can get them back soon.    She even wore it on the Sunday School trip I featured in my Newquay layout last summer.

Little did we know when these pictures were taken that Mum would have a new lease of life when she remarried and we moved to Mousehole in 1973...a city of 2000 people.. and streetlights!! (at least that's how Phil sold it to us!)

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