Saturday, 1 February 2014

Winter View: Places I Visit

Well I am not sure if I am going to visit anywhere today that I will visit each season so I have browsed back over my Winter pics to bring you some of the places I go to ever so often.. 

also place I am sure will look different each season..

..they should make a nice collage 4 images of the same place.. I have a lovely drawing Jordan did as a child of the 4 seasons., I shall find it and post it here sometime.. (yeah, thanks Mum I can hear her say! ;-)  )

Paul Churchyard
Treryn Castle at Porthcurno Bay
St Ives Harbour Mouth


  1. I love your view of the tree. Trees in the winter are so beautiful as you can the shape of the branches

  2. Wonderful photos. You have so many wonderful places to take pictures.


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