Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Media: my Craft Heaven

Well here we are .. me, Jordan and Pops, Colin's Dad..here amongst many and varied candles in a power cut. 

We have been promised the worst night of stormy weather with high tides and big squally rain passing through as I write..locally roads have holes in them, broken aged sewers giving way and walkways from Penzance to Newlyn with a gaping hole where the green met the tarmac beside the beach.. A seal was thrown up onto the grass yesterday beside a park bench near Newlyn and the Watering Hole bar beside the beach at Perranporth is threatened with losing the last 5 metres of sandbank being destroyed by the waves tonight.

Kate is working til 7pm and the trains are unreliable as so many delays up by the coast in Devon..so Ross has set off to collect her and buy chips for tea...gluten free for Pops too!

Jordan is writing labels for tomorrow's market using her calligraphy set; I think she likes the peacefulness of the candle lit kitchen with no whirring fridge or dishwasher..the only noise being Pops rummaging in the torch box to match good torches with working batteries!..accompanied by his odd reprise of Roy Orbisson's Only the Lonely...She has an ink bottle with scratchy pen and is now decorating a China teacup..whilst, she tells me, quietly panicking that if the power is not back on in the morning will she be able to bake for Thursday's markets.

In the sitting room the fire is glowing Red but the life of the room is on hold..no TV or corner lights..

It has been a mad couple of days. We had large boughs of the fir tree out the front removed as it seems the tree is leaning towards the road..and in the yard concrete wagons and heavy plant arriving to put right a 20 tonne load which didn't quite set just how we ordered. Imagine constant rain and pressure washing for 10 hours yesterday and almost the same this afternoon.. A baptism of fire for our lovely builder who has taken on our new smooth floor as his first big job!

And this is me.. blogging and depleting my mobile battery to tell my pals and Zac of our adventure as he has his own crossing to Hawaii to think of. . The last 15 day trip of the long 4 months he has been away..

..so I am off to preserve battery..my own Craft Heaven pic can wait til tomorrow. .meanwhile here is Jordan's. .

9pm..and power is back on..All is well..AND I didn't have to cook tea!


  1. Wow, Kathijo, It sounds awful down there. We haven't had it so bad and I don't know what tonight will bring for us.
    Well done to Jorden, It's wonderful that she is making a go of her baking.

  2. Love the calligraphy!! I always wanted to try it but don't think I'd have the patience. What happened to the poor seal? Was he returned to his home? Hope that the worst doesn't come true for you weatherwise... I think we've had a lucky escape up here in the midlands, though it has been rather wet and soggy too.

    1. Sea was taken to Gweek seal sanctuary and all is well they say.

  3. I hope you all stayed safe. I've been following all the news updates on the Watering Hole and the Tyewanhale in Perranporth and saw huge storm pictures in St Agnes.

  4. pleased the power came back on for you all, it was a lovely story of that moment in time

  5. kathi I have thought a lot about you in Cornwall these past few days So pleased you have Pops with you and power back on for Jordan too :) xx


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