Thursday, 27 February 2014

Shapes : Trapezium

Well I am running a day late here but with good reason.. appointments, meeting with business guys and also getting our planning through...yay!  So there will be two lovely built for purpose factory units in our field by the end of the year and it is all green lights for us now for a bit... not sure we can fit in a holiday.. so probably good we have no choice as it is booked!

Trapeziums here on the roof and our lovely builder Ryan has painted. I was thinking the plinth would be black but he suggested magnolia as it looks less stark against the granite.
There are plenty of other shapes too.. and oh look a grid in the window and some 'H' shapes too methinks!   

Now to go find a star shape.. maybe a pic of my lovely husband as this week he has excelled himself in drive and determination to see a job through to completion.. ..


  1. Great news re the planning. House looking really good. Xx

  2. Kathi I wanted to have a photo as he is always my bright star :)

    Struggling with grid but this challenge is so good for the brain especially when you are retired, thank you xxx

    Have a Happy Christmas weekend, I think it is this weekend? :)

    1. We actually did have a non-Christmas roast last Sunday but so chilled we didn't take any pics! Xx

  3. I had also thought of hubby but I don't want him to get big headed :)
    I agree with Lynne about the challenge being good for the brain.
    Your house looks lovely.
    It is wonderful you are running this challenge knowing how busy you are.


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