Friday, 21 February 2014

Windows: Ornate

Sorry it's not a 'today' picture but thought I would get ahead.. this is a lovely picture I took in Lille in France a couple of summers ago.

I am off to Truro this afternoon with Lyla and maybe Zac.. maybe some more Cornish traditional windows to add then..?

Zac has slept the clock round, sorted our computer in the kitchen and eaten lots of meals.. and we have enjoyed having a good catch up.. looking forward to the weekend, i think I am cooking roast 'Christmas' dinner, as in 'all the family' together..


  1. Lovy windows. Enjoy your time with Zac

  2. enjoy your christmas dinner , great photo

  3. So pleased you have Zac homw nd 'Happy Christmas' to you all this weekend xxx

  4. That's a great picture of different windows.
    Lovely to seeing you have a great time with Zac being home.


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