Sunday, 2 February 2014

Winter View : Feet!

Well it was lively to see blue skies and sunshine for the first time in ages. 

We laid in for a bit and then headed out west to see our favourite spaces...Small lunch beside a coal fire at the Logan Rock and some good pics at Sennen.

It was low tide so not quite the big seas which have been doing the rounds on Facebook...but hope you get the idea ..

I laughed a lot trying to get a 'feet first' picture; Colin was taking the pic but rather than making them a lesser item in the scene it became a full on pic of my boots!!


  1. Wonderful pictures! The scenery is beautiful and I like your boots!

  2. WoW!
    Excellent, KathiJo!
    Awesome pictures! You've had a wonderful weather for a walk!
    I like the scene with boots - marvelous idea. Bravo!

  3. Glad you had good weather for your photos


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