Sunday, 23 February 2014

Windows ..of opportunity and a small window

Well I waited to picture this small window at St Levan Church today.. It was my Dad's birthday last week.. He would have been 92 ... and he died aged 47 so it has been a long time .. and his Anniversary is next week so I always make sure I have been this week, it was windy and blustery but we left carnations and chrysanthemums which will be quite hardy.  

 I plan.. as I have forever.. to get a headstone for him and Mum but somehow it always remains a plan and not an action.

I used to think it odd when my step-grandmother could tell you dates and ages of people no longer here but as I get older I understand .. Jordan and I sometimes say we should have a day of the Dead like in some Latin countries so we could celebrate their lives but somehow we are just too British, don't you think!

Daffodils are making an appearance 'out West' and I spotted a whole field of them near Penzance..I guess the Scilly Isles have been sending them to London markets for several weeks already..It is so mild down here.

Breezy though today and the kite surfers at Marazion took the chance .. or is that their 'windows of opportunity'

It is a phrase we also are aware of this week, things to decide on and plans to get sorted as our planning for two factory type units jn our field is up and the three objections are from our nearest neighbours .... but have been negated by the agencies concerned.. as I put it .. We and Cols dad live next to the workshops so if it's okay for us what would it affect someone 100 yards away?. and after all I am not planning to build a nuclear power station or a pig farm!

..and I thought this view of my special place in cartoon mode was cute.


  1. I love your pictures. The old church/church yard is so interesting. We don't find much of anything like that in the US and definitely not in Florida. The surf looks wicked! Wow, the windsurfers are daring to go out in that. I will get back 'over the water' one of these years and hopefully I will see some of these wonderful views in person.

  2. I don't believe in graves and stones but memories myself, don't even like the idea of my ashes being scattered either!!

    Love playing with a photo in picasso so like your cartoon one x

  3. I love looking round churchyards at the different inscriptions on graves (Sorry Lynne),. We have found some very old ones from our families and learnt a little more of our family history.
    That little window in the old church is lovely.

  4. We have the days of the Dead - this year they are:
    Feb. 22, June 7 and November 1.
    They are always on Saturday.
    I like your post today. I hope your neighbors to find a consensus with you.


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