Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Media : Memorable Sculpture

Ahhh, don't you just love it when things come together.. 

..for my memorable piece of sculpture I have been thinking of a lovely statue over at Newlyn and wondering how it has borne the horrendous weather the last week or so...

..then a minute or two ago I see this picture on facebook.. Fisherman

Adam Gibbard (Site) has taken some amazing images the last week or two, he must go home soaking wet every day but has surely chronicled the weather in Penzance / Newlyn in a unique fashion..


  1. Great photos Kathijo! Wow, your weather looks fierce! Ours has gone back to normal for now. Nice and warm. Just how I like it.

  2. Brilliant photo Kathijo. I have been hearing about your railway line. Will it affect your daughter getting to work?

    1. :Luckily she only has to get to Truro.. the real railway issues are closer to Exeter, at Dawlish.. but I think Plymouth to exeter will be messed up for a few months!

  3. great sculpture, thinking...did I miss this when blogging this week? DIY has taken precidence :(


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